CXO-Cockpit for SAP BPC

Bring your financial data closer to your end users!


About CXO-Cockpit

The CXO-Cockpit for SAP BPC is a new and revolutionary solution for reporting SAP BPC data in a Web environment or via a tablet such as the iPad or Android and Windows Mobile tablets. The report suite contains default templates for:

  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow
  • KPIs / non-financial
  • Trend Analysis 

The templates can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements and can be deployed directly throughout the Web or Mobile environment without extra effort!

Why choose for CXO-Cockpit?

The CXO-Cockpit is complementary to your SAP BPC Excel application and enables your organization to offer real-time data to end users, both for Web as Mobile and in various formats.

This application can be brought online for your organization in a matter of days, thus bringing your actual financial data closer to your end users with the CXO Cockpit for SAP BPC!

Review the online demo!

Navigate through the CXO-Cockpit web application, developed by CXO-Cockpit and FPM Solutions!
CXO-Cockpit introduction video
A brief introduction of CXO-Cockpit for SAP BPC and SAP BW

More information about CXO-Cockpit?

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