Our experts are available to unburden you!

Our experts are available to offer clear advice and continuous support during the implementation of financial reporting solutions like SAP Analytics, CCH Tagetik, Fluence Technologies and CXO Software.

We stand by your side in each phase:

Tool selection

As the complexity of information grows, the time to clarify it decreases. A highly changing environment requires solid solutions that support essential report processes as well as financial consolidation, planning, budgeting, and management data. Our experts support your organization in the quest to find the right tool for the right need.

Quality Assurance

Providing guarantees to a new financial reporting platform requires thorough in-depth knowledge of both business requirements as the technical aspects of a managed IT organization. Our experts are regularly hired for Quality Assurance tasks to guarantee a successful implementation throughout the entire organization.

System Audit

Producing reports with reliable information that complies with international standards such as GAAP and IFRS is an essential part of your daily operations. Our experts can perform both technical as functional audits throughout your platform, thus guaranteeing the reliability of information shared with stakeholders.

Sandra van Hoven
Sandra van Hoven,
SAP BPC expert | managing director

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